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Syntropic® - "Where Chaos does not Exist"
Syntropic® is from the Greek ("syn" = with; "tropic" = attracted to).
Entropy is a tendency toward similarity or sameness (chaos - where everything appears to be the same and confusion exists)
Syntropy is the reality of existence, where everything is unique and interconnected. (data or individuality is identified)
Syntropic® is when knowledge is applied that turns the concept of Syntropy (data) into understandable patterns (information)

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This site is being developed to provide you with a secure environment through which to meet other Innovators, Investors, Service Providers, and Team Members with whom to advance your Innovation to the next stage.

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This site is a member subscriber access. We try to ensure that all participants are honest and provide accurate information through a questionairre. We make no guarantees. Users should perform additional research before sharing confidential information with others.

Do you have suggestions on what you want in this site that can facilitate you connecting with the resources to either bring your innovation forward or to help others bring their innovations forward? Send us an email through the Contact page.

Our goal is to enable innovations that can benefit the world. To accomplish this, we encourage you to participate in the matchmaking process.

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